Magic Krumlov

Enter the gate of time, go down the winding streets in history, walk over the promised bridge of tales and touch the Magic of the Roses. Finally, you will meet an outstanding town-its name is Český Krumlov.

What makes the difference and distinctive qualities of magical tours? They are based on credibility as well as on engaged professional performance- always realized by myself and tailored only for you according to actual conditions on the spot.

Magical tours seek for original presentation of the town, breaking stereotypes of “classical tours”. They offer qualified local knowledge in the global context as well as joy and fun, personal attitude, authentic and comprehensive insight, experience of an insider- a passionate Krumlov walker…


Český Krumlov exclusive tour

1500 czk / group

  • Private walking tours for individuals or small groups

Latest Krumlov topical tour

1500 czk / group

  • Walking tours for bigger groups

Český Krumlov romantic tour

1500 czk / group

  • Walking tours for bigger groups

Sightseeing with beertasting and storytelling

2400 czk / group


Magic Krumlov I+II

1600 czk / group

  • Something for slow walkers or very curious people

Magic Krumlov III

2400 czk / group

  • Costumed night tour with town scribe Josef

Stanislav Jungwirth

Stanislav Jungwirth
Za Nádražím 218
38101 Český Krumlov

Mobil: +420 607 879 076

town scribe Josef

town scribe Josef
Gothic is the base
Renaissance is the face
Baroque is another striking trace
Of this place
That looks like a charming vase
And sounds like a magical space
Take my tour and take in this town´s grace

It is not a hackneyed phrase:
"This would be a step by step walk, not a creasy chase!"
town scribe Josef

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Let me introduce and invite you to the magical tours! My name is Stan and I am the man, who likes to show you round magical town Český Krumlov! I live here a quarter of century (second half of my life yet). Working in Český Krumlov 20 years as a professional guide, I could closely watch and witness the dramatic changes from a crumbling town to the one of the most popular middle European tourist destinations…